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Aisles viewed

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Aisles are associated with Internet users who browse on an e-Commerce website, and are also associated with the different products that are displayed on your website. Aisles viewed are considered as being areas of your website which Internet users have visited. An e-Commerce website can be made up of different aisles such as "Bargains", "Sales", "Reductions", "New products", etc, all of which contain the same product that has been classed into a specific "category". The aisles which exist on a particular website can be the same as the "product categories" (which can be accessed in the Goals and Sales menu of your interface) that also exist, or they can be completely independent of one another.

The different IDs which are used to characterise aisles (navigation) and categories (product storage) are, nevertheless, based on the same principle. For example, a "Sales" aisle (ID 33) can direct Internet users to the following different categories: "Video" (ID 23), "Hi-Fi" (ID 19) and "Computers" (ID 15). In addition to this a "Video" aisle (ID 23) can also direct Internet users to the "Video" (ID 23) category.

The Tag Code

In order to measure the aisles which have been viewed you need to add a few lines of JavaScript code to the pages which contain an aisle (such as a shopwindow etc).

In the JavaScript variable, "xt_aisle", you need to provide information on the different levels of aisles that are available, bearing in mind that the number of levels of aisles can reach up to 6, as shown in the tag model below:

<script type="text/javascript">


xt_aisle = "";        //Aisles (with 6 levels possible (::))

//do not modify below

if (window.xtparam!=null){window.xtparam+="&aisl="+xt_aisle;}

else{window.xtparam ="&aisl="+xt_aisle;};




Whenever this information is retrieved in the AT Internet tag, we consider that this aisle has been 'viewed' ('visited') and will associate it with any sale that might result from this visit, so that data such as "conversion" or "sales contribution" can be generated.


The page which is being audited can contain only one main aisle as the code cannot be applied to pages in which different aisles exist at the same time.

Once tagging has been completed it is then possible to access all of the different 'Aisles' analyses by clicking on Navigation > Aisles.