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Custom tree structure

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By using this feature it is possible to get a customised view of your traffic which corresponds to your analysis variables. To benefit from this feature you need to use page categories. Page categories are a different way of organising pages and can be used in addition to chapters so that you can have a more transverse view of the results.


Organising your custom tree structure:


You can create your custom tree structure in an Excel application, then directly import it into your AT Internet solution.

Here is an example of a tag code template that you can use:

<script type="text/javascript">


xt_pagetype = "ID1-ID2-ID3";

//do not modify below

if (window.xtparam!=null) {window.xtparam+="&ptype="+xt_pagetype;}

else {xtparam = "&ptype="+xt_pagetype;};



The IDs inserted in the tag code correspond to those declared in the interface. They have a value of between 1 and 255.