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Identified visitors

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Identified visitors are visitors that you will recognise after a validation process has taken place, for example via registration, subscription, login etc. These visitors can be grouped into categories so that you can have a more general view in your analyses. It is possible to enter this different information directly into the main tag.


You need to populate 2 variables:

The visitor category is characterised by an ID which is to be declared in:

In this page, you can associate the category IDs which are placed in the tag code with the actual category label.


These few lines of code need to be placed before the content code, on one or more pages.

<script type="text/javascript">


xtnv = document;  //parent.document or top.document or document        

xtsd = "http://logxxxx";

xtsite = "xxxxx"; //site number

xtn2 = "";        //level 2 site

xtpage = "";      //page name (with the use of :: to create chapters)

xtdi = "";        //implication degree

xt_multc = "";    //customised indicators

xt_an = "123456789";       //numeric identifier

xt_ac = "1";       //category

//do not modify below

if (window.xtparam!=null){window.xtparam+="&ac="+xt_ac+"&an="+xt_an+xt_multc;}

else{window.xtparam = "&ac="+xt_ac+"&an="+xt_an+xt_multc;};




<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>



<img width="1" height="1" src="http://logxxxx.xxxx/hit.xiti?s=xxxxx&s2=&p=&di=&ac=1&an=123456789" >



If different values are recorded in the same visit, only the first one will be taken into account.